crockpot chicken fajitas

Making fajitas at home just got even easier! These crockpot chicken fajitas are delicious, flavorful, and made in a slow cooker with minimal effort.

Let’s get started!

- chicken - bell peppers - onions - tomatoes - green chiles - lime juice - seasonings

Ingredients Needed

If you prefer crisp bell peppers and onions, add them to the slow cooker and cook for only 30 minutes.

*Quick Tip!*

Season chicken on both sides with garlic powder, chili powder, salt, onion powder, pepper, paprika, and oregano. 


Place seasoned chicken into crockpot. Add tomatoes and green chiles on top. Then slow cook for 5 hours or high cook for 3 hours. 


Add peppers and onion slices into the crockpot. Cook for an additional 45 minutes, then remove the chicken to shred. 


Place your shredded chicken back into the pot with lime juice, toss together, and serve with tortillas! 


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Isabel Orozco-Moore