If you love the taste of peanuts, you’ll love mazapán! This sweet and crumbly Mexican candy only uses 2 ingredients – toasted peanuts and powdered sugar.

Let’s get started!

- unsalted peanuts - powdered sugar - that's it!

Ingredients Needed

Don’t blend the peanut mixture too long, or it will become oily and start to create a paste.

*Quick Tip!*

In a food processor, add peanuts and powdered sugar. Blend until very fine powder.


Scoop the peanut mixture into the cookie mold and begin pressing down, packing the peanut mixture into the mold. 


Remove the mazapán from the mold by very gently pushing down the edges of the mold while sliding it out.


Carefully transfer the mazapánes onto a serving platter or storage container!


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Isabel Orozco-Moore