Mexican Tamales

Learn how to make tamales right at home with these simple step-by-step instructions! This authentic Mexican tamale recipe is filled with pork and red chile sauce.

Let’s get started!

- dried chiles - pork shoulder - olive oil - garlic powder - ground cumin - kosher salt - bay leaf - masa harina - baking powder - broth - corn husks - canola oil - fine salt - water

Ingredients Needed

Make chile sauce by softening dried chiles in a pot with boiling water. Then blend until smooth. 


Brown pork in a large pot, add chile sauce and let simmer for 2 1/2 hours. Once finished make sure to shred it and set aside.


Make the masa dough by combining masa harina, salt, baking powder, oil, and broth until it has a thick hummus texture. 


Spread the masa harina onto corn husks, add filling about 1-2 tablespoons, and fold shut.


Use a steamer pot to steam the tamales. Let tamales cool for 10 minutes and enjoy! 


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