quesadillas de nopales en chile rojo

Quesadillas filled with nopales en chile rojo, or cactus paddles in a red chile sauce, and lots of shredded cheese cooked to perfection in a flour tortilla.

Let’s get started!

- cheese - nopales - dried chiles - tomato - seasonings - tortillas

Ingredients Needed

Make sure to cook down the nopales en chile rojo until the sauce has thickened.

*Quick Tip!*

Start by boiling the cleaned, trimmed, and diced nopales with salt, garlic, and oregano. 


Soften the dried chiles, then place in a blender with tomato, garlic, salt, oregano, and water until smooth. 


Stir fry onions, then add nopales, and chile rojo until sauce thickens.  


Assemble the quesadillas by layering cheese on half of the tortilla, followed by nopales en chile rojo and more cheese. Fold over, then cook until the quesadillas are golden brown.


Serve with a side of sour cream, salsa, Mexican rice, or guacamole!


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