chiles en nogada

Chiles en nogada is a traditional Mexican dish made of stuffed poblano peppers with a sweet and savory meat filling, and a unique walnut-cream sauce drizzled on top.

Let’s get started!

- walnuts - goat cheese - queso fresco - Mexican crema - milk - seasonings - ground meat - fruit - vegetables - nuts - pomegranate seeds - parsley 

Ingredients Needed

Make the nogada sauce by skinning walnuts, then placing in a blender with all dairy ingredients, cinnamon, sugar, and blend until smooth.


Make the filling by cooking onions and garlic. Add in meat, fruits, seasonings, and cook until softened. 


Roast and stuff the peppers with the meat mixture. Making sure to remove the seeds first. 


Pour the nogada sauce all over the peppers, garnish, and enjoy at room temperature! 


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Isabel Orozco-Moore