A delicious Torta Ahogada filled with mouthwatering carnitas and drowned in a red chile and tomato sauce. It’s one of the best Mexican sandwiches you’ll ever eat!

Let’s get started!

- bread - carnitas - red onions - tomatoes - chile de arbol peppers - seasonings - white onion - white vinegar

Ingredients Needed

Using crusty bread like a French baguette or a sourdough are great options. 

*Quick Tip!*

Place the dried chiles in boiling water until they softened. Then, roast the tomatoes under the broiler until the skins begin to blister. 


Add the roasted tomatoes, softened chiles, and the remaining sauce ingredients to a blender and puree until smooth. Lightly cook the sauce in a saucepan with some olive oil until it starts to simmer.


Next, assemble the sandwiches by stuffing each roll with a generous amount of carnitas and sliced onions.


Place them on a plate with deep sides that can hold liquid. Generously pour the sauce on top of each sandwich and enjoy!