chicken tortilla soup

This simple and satisfying Chicken Tortilla Soup is just what you need for your weeknight dinners.

Let’s get started!

- chicken breast - black beans - yellow corn - chicken broth - roma tomatoes - dried pasilla chiles - garlic - kosher salt - olive oil - white onion - Roma tomatoes - tortilla strips - your favorite toppings

Ingredients Needed

Add the roasted Roma tomatoes, toasted pasilla peppers, cooked onions, and garlic to a large blender. Blend until smooth.


Heat some oil in a large pot and pour the tomato-chile puree. Cook it for about 5 minutes. Add chicken, broth and salt. Bring to a boil, then cover and reduce to simmer for 15 minutes.


Remove the cooked chicken and carefully shred it. Add the shredded chicken back along with the corn and black beans. Cook everything for an additional 3 minutes.


Serve the soup in a bowl topped with tortilla strips, fresh cilantro, and any other toppings!