Popular Christmas Recipes

Here are some of our most popular Mexican Christmas recipes.

A plate of tamales

¡feliz navidad!

21 Mexican Christmas Recipes

Celebrate the holiday season with a Mexican-inspired twist on your Christmas feast!


With its hearty and comforting blend of hominy, meat, and richly seasoned broth, pozole makes for an ideal festive dish during Christmas, offering warmth and a sense of tradition that brings families together in celebration.


During the holidays, traditional Mexican beverages like atole, ponche, Mexican hot chocolate, and rompope offer a delightful fusion of warmth, sweetness, and traditional spices, creating a cozy and festive atmosphere that perfectly complements the season’s celebratory spirit.

Tamales & Masa

Tamales, a staple of holiday celebrations, embody the spirit of communal cooking and festive gatherings, as their preparation and rich flavors encapsulate centuries of tradition and the joy of sharing special moments with loved ones.

Traditional Desserts

Traditional Mexican desserts like calabaza en tacha, camote enmielado, arroz con leche, and flan are cherished during the holidays for their comforting sweetness and the way they evoke fond memories, bringing a deliciously warm and nostalgic end to festive meals.

Tres Leches

Tres leches cakes, with their delectably moist layers soaked in a blend of three milks, offer a uniquely indulgent and creamy texture that makes them a beloved and irresistible treat for any occasion.

Pan Dulce

Pan dulce, encompassing favorites like empanadas, marranitos, conchas, and Mexican donuts, offers a delightful array of sweet and comforting flavors, each with its unique texture and taste, making them perfect companions for a cozy cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

Holiday Sweets

Around the holidays, Mexican favorites like buñuelos, hot chocolate cookies, mazapan, and cajeta are especially popular, adding a unique and festive dimension to seasonal celebrations with their traditional and delightful tastes.

Great for Gatherings

Add a dash of fiesta to your holiday festivities with Mexican-inspired treats like cranberry margaritas, Instant Pot tamales, cranberry salsa, and chocolate crinkle cookies — they’re sure to spice up the party and bring smiles around the table!

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